A page for Kevin Humphrey

Our refurbishment manager, designer and co-ordinator Kevin Humphrey died suddenly on 5 January 2017, just outside CASE Central.

He was a very intelligent person with great life experience and openness of mind, having lived abroad. And he had a iron logic and was a very good chess payer….

His skills were invaluable: as a carpenter, electrician, builder, designer… He had been a cook in the army and was able to plan and prepare dinners for hundreds of people! Besides his skills, he loved CASE Central and and was always sitting with us, at the reception, making sure that everything ran properly. He was also the one who kept calm when everybody else panicked and/or argued, which was precious in a small centre where people come with stressful things in their lives.

We all loved him and his mischievous sense of humour, and many of us will remember him always happy, and always joking, like in this photo!

After his death, we held a memorial, where all CASE Central people who loved Kevin came.

At the memorial we heard a fantastic speech from Bev Fincham:

Kevin had a good heart, many of us know that, we all have great memories for instance Kevin loved Knowles Tooth , he would always nominate himself as chef, getting up at 4 in the morning to cook a leg of lamb and prepping all the veg, he loved that kitchen and him thrashing Tony at chess ! He told us many great things he’d done as he was growing up. He worked all over the place, Germany was mentioned and he loved his music, he went to many concerts including the Doors and Pink Floyd, and downloading many films. He would do anything for anyone from fixing your computer to laying carpet and of course how can we forget what he done at the centre, we all have great memories of Kev that we can keep in our hearts…’

‘… One of the ones that touched me, and most of us would agree, how he thrived at Christmas by being father Christmas. We have to all agree it was a pleasure knowing Kev, from Natalie who became a good friend to Kev, Sue, Maggie and Josephina, Zeenat, and Ellie, we all wish you were still here Kev but that can’t be… we all miss you, mate, we are proud of your children and how they have pulled through and coped with your passing. Even on the day you went, and left us, you tried your hardest to come to centre, the place you loved! Until we meet again Kev.’

A year has now gone, and Kevin is still in our heart. On 5 January 2018 we bought some flowers for him and had messages from people who loved him; and we will hold a public ceremony soon. Photo below.