Fishers Farm Summer 2018


At 11 am on the 25th August 2018 eighty parents and children set off in a double decker bus on our third and final summer outing to Fishers Farm Adventure Park in Wisborough Green, West Sussex (for more information about this fantastic place click here).

Fishers Farm Adventure Park is a large farm, especially proud of their interest in animal’s welfare. The farm owns rare breeds of sheep, cows, goats, horses and pigs, keeping most of them in their adjacent land, and displaying some of them to the public in barns, where children can get into close contact with them.

Despite the fact that it was a hot Saturday we had little problems with the traffic and arrived at the Farm after 12 o’clock, and offered to our guests a food and resfreshments in a green picnic areas reserved for us. We then spent the next four hours exploring the various attractions of the Park. Disabled guests were given scooters at the entrance by very helpful and welcoming staff, and were able to explore the park as well with their families.

Besides showing animals to children, trained and skilled farm staff also educate the public on what a farm does, and how they breed their animals. Some of our guests chose to sit in a theatre where interesting and amusing lessons were given. During the lessons, some children were given the opportunity to feed young calves themselves.

Another exciting opportunity to learn about farm life was a free ride on a tractor on the adjacent land, during which the driver would describe the animals kept there, their breed and origin, and their behaviour. He was also keen in telling us how careful he had to be when approaching sheep or horses because the excited or curious animals would not stay safely away from the tractor!

The farm also offered a range of entertainings and rides, including adventurous climber frames, climbing lessons, swings, pirate ships, trails built in wood, and more. Our young guests had a great time trying all of them!

Good fun was had by all, a memorable day for our young guests. Here some comments:’

‘Great day out, enjoyed seeing animals and pony rides’.

‘Great day. Really enjoyed rubber ring slide and water slide’.

‘Fantastic day out. My boys loved every minute. Lots for all to do’.