Brighton Science Festival 2019

Once again CASE Central was pleased to host the Pocket Science Festival in Hollingdean, in collaboration with the Brighton Science Festival, the University of Sussex Physics & Astronomy Department, and with the financial support of the Brighton Pride Social Impact Fund.

The event took place on Saturday 16 March 2019, and it was such a success that we hope that this initiative will become an annual event. Both parents and children spent hours at the scientific installations and were very excited when they left the hall.

Again, children and parents had the opportunity to play with mechanics, gravity, electricity, friction, optics, and, this year, also statistic, electromagnetism and infrared vision. Maybe before having a go at the stalls some of our guests were terrified of these subjects, but they discovered that science is just fun. Some of the guest came last year, and wanted to learn more.

The Festival volunteers arrived on Hollingdean at 10.00 in the morning and set up their installations.  The drop in exhibition last  from 11.30 to 5.00, and we had in total over 70 guests drop-in over the course of the afternoon. People gathered in mass around tables to listen to mini lessons on electricity and try themselves to extract electrons from plastic sticks.

Words used by the guests at the end of the visit included: ‘interactive, interesting, exciting, engaging, surprising, fantastic, inspiring’ and ‘fun’.

As last year, we are very happy to have given children and parents in Hollingdean the opportunity to discover science. When families are struggling to pay bills and rent, spending time for knowledge becomes a luxury. Giving this opportunity to people is more than ever important in times where people prefer emotional calls to facts. 

Science is not a blind belief in some truth: it is the quest for truth based on checking facts, and checking again, and again. Science is powerful because it is a humble form of knowledge, and still the truest and most effective.

We thank the volunteers of the Brighton Pocket Science Festival for their enthusiasm and their capacity to communicate complicated concepts to children.

We are also very grateful to our Trustee and fundraiser Felton for his love of astronomy and science which inspired this initiative, and for liaising with the Festival on behalf of CASE. Many thanks also to  our Trustees and volunteers Natalie, Stella, Stevie, Mike, Ann and Caroline for having publicised the event and/or helped on the day.

Hopefully, we will try to have exciting events about science in Hollingdean in the future.